Barrel press

The drum press is robust and reliable, a model destinated for crushing the round drums or barrels of maximum 200 liters. It can be used also for light metal and rolled hoop drums. It can crush up to 50 drums per hour.

The compaction method is easy: the barrel is placed inside the press and the operator closes the door. The crush drums’ ram is equipped with piercing heads (spikes) which are pricking the barrel at contact, to release the inner air pressure during ram lowering and compression. Under the pressing area there is a sump tray for residual fluids collection. After compaction, the barrels are removed manually from inside the press. There are customized explosion protected models available on request.


  • its low height and small footprint eases the placement in the working spaces
  • easy to use, intuitive functions
  • high pressing power
  • membrane keypad to resist the intensive use
  • time save by automatic return stroke
  • door with inspection window to follow the compacting process and have immediate reaction in case of exceptional situations
  • closed design for dust protection
  • cost saving due to low maintenance level
  • reduces and cleans the space used for waste, the storing of the empty barrels being a real problem
  • low costs with waste collection by the accredited companies
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