Automatic vertical basic baling press

Automatic vertical basic baling press is the entry level model for these equipment type and is designed for pressing low volume packaging from cardboard or foil. Is very practical due to its small footprint and easy installation.
The operator prepares the strapping tapes or wires in the lower part of the press where the bale will be formed. The operation is done manually, by anchoring the ends and placing the straps along the guidance rails in the compacting zone.
The waste baling machine has 2 independent doors: one in the upper zone and one under it. After filling with waste the loading area in the upper part, the correspondent door is locked. the waste compression start immediately after.
When the compacting is over, the doors are opened and the operator proceeds to the bale tying with the strapping tapes or wires previously prepared, while the bale is still under ram pressure.
After ram release, the bale is removed with a trolley.


  • easy installation and small footprint due to compact design
  • quick door open
  • doors with security locking system
  • easy to use, intuitive operations, microprocessor controller with membrane keypad and text display
  • time save due to automatic return stroke

Technical specifications

Pressing power30 kN
Specific pressing power8,5 N/cm²
Voltage / Frequency230 V / 50 Hz
Cycle time in idle operation30 s
Volume throughput in idle operation (theor.)3,13 m³/h
Loading aperture width x height700 x 505 mm
Bale length x width x height700 x 500 x 850 mm
Width x Depth x Height953 x 679 x 1962 mm
Weight245 kg
Number of strappings2
Type of consumablesStrapping tape
Industry typeLogistics & Distribution, Retail, Industry & Manufacturing, Print & Packaging
Press materialPlastic film, Mixed paper, Cardboard
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