Armlift for tugger train LT 260

The armlift for tugger train LT 260 kg represents an ergonomic and safe alternative to using forklifts for material handling. It was developed in collaboration with the largest car manufacturer in Europe and has an innovative design, easy to integrate in any type of workflow.

This arm lifting device streamlines the operation of loading and unloading milkrun trains. The operator rolls the trains onto the Armlift for milkrun trains and then lifts and tilts them to a safe and ergonomic angle for loading and unloading. Depending on the design, the trains can be loaded from two directions. Thus, your employees will work more efficiently and productively.

Armlift for tugger train has a compact and modular design. Thus it can be adapted to your specific workflow and available production facility or warehouse space.

Technical specifications

Load capacity750 kg
Lifting height550 mm
Lowest height220 mm
Device length1300 mm
Device width550 mm
Lifting time15 sec
Engine power (kw)0,37
Net weight260 kg
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