Wearable scanners

It might happen that, in a warehouse and more specifically at the loading area, while scanning and reviewing the goods that need to be shipped, precious time is wasted.

Logimarkt proposes solutions in order to avoid time waste and to increase the productivity and working flow.

  • Wearable scanner

    Wearable scanner

    The display wearable scanner is ideal to work with while picking, sorting and sequencing items by using intelligence, precision and efficiency. Both the wearable scanner and the operating display are fully configurable in order to provide information such as storage locations, product identifiers and quantities from WRS or ERP softwares into the small device attached to the back of a worker’s hand.

    The 3.9 cm e-paper high-contrast display has a lot of perks to benefit from, such as:

    • is fully configurable within layouts
    • it fits up to 40 characters per line
    • the screen orientation is customizable

    The scanner’s high-resolution is designed to be flexible and to scan a wide range of items, from individual products to items on a forklift.

    It is the world’s thinnest and lightest wearable computer with display, by being the size of a matchbox and weighing only 48g. This feature makes it lighter even than many smart watches on the market and it completely eliminates the need to carry and lift regular scanners that can weigh up to 10 times as much.

    Its smart display empowers the frontline worker with the information they need, saving up to 6 seconds per each use while helping to reduce errors.

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  • Wearable scanner 2

    Wearable scanner 2

    The display Wearable scanner 2 is the perfect ally when looking forward to achieving maximum productivity in all working areas. The small scanner is ideal to be used by employees who perform a large number of scans. With the Wearable scanner not only that workers won’t have to reach for a handheld scanner, but they will save up to 4 seconds per each use.

    The optic, haptic and acoustic feedback received from the scanning device has the role of informing the wearer if the process step was correctly achieved. This feature reduces the error risk of up to 33%. Moreover, the device’s battery lasts for up to 10 000 scans per each charging cycle.

    The Wearable scanner proposed by Logimarkt is perfect for industrial applications, with an increased scanning frequency, such as:

    • picking
    • sequencing
    • incoming goods
    • production line
    • quality control
    • outgoing goods and more.

    The Wearable scanner 2 is positioned on the back of the hand in a wrap that can be put over working gloves or even bare hands. It can also be mounted to a reel device, whih can be clipped by a belt or worn on a landyard. In each case, the product’s purpose is to make sure that employees use both of their hands to concentrate on their work. For the cases in which a worker needs to reach for a package, he will not have to put down a handheld scanner and then to pick it up again, thus increasing the workflow and completely ceasing any interruption that might occur when working with a handheld barcode scanner.

    The efficency and process quality are being increased and the workflow is seamless with the display Wearable scanner 2.

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  • Wearable scanner BASIC

    Wearable scanner BASIC

    The Wearable scanner BASIC comes in handy when working within a retail or warehouse environment and looking for a solution that can provide more efficiency, process quality and ergonomics. A company will be able to save up to 4 seconds per each use when upgrading to the scanning system, which is precious time that a device as small and light as this scanner can provide. By giving up on the process of having to interrupt the workflow to reach for the handheld scanner, employees will move more freely due to the fact that now the scanner is on the back of their hand.

    The wearable scanner BASIC works through Bluetooth Low Energy Standard in order to connect to a warehouse’s systems and devices without having to worry about the integration effort.

    Following analysis reports, workers reach for their barcode on an average of 1000 times per each shift. When using a handheld scanner, they have to pick it up and to put it back on a surface with each scan. Those unnecessary hand movements not only that take time, but they also interrupt the workflow and might be the cause of becoming a source of error. Without any doubt, if workers have a wearable barcode scanner on the back of their hands, they can concentrate better on their daily tasks and save grip time. Their hands wil be free for activities such as picking items or transferring them.

    The wearable scanner BASIC comes in two variants:

    • standarg range, a 10-80 cm area available for scanning
    • optimized usage, covers a 30-130 cm area

    Important data is captured easily with the Wearable scanner BASIC either if the employee is operating from a forklift and scanning the storage area or if he is standing and picking up items one by one.

    No time to waste

    With the wearable scanner, it will take only 4 seconds for workers to start their shift and be ready to scan. Because of its simplistic design, users will adapt to the scanner that is incorporated into their working glove after less than a day of use. With the help of this simplistic product, there is no need for a training and the work will be done more efficiently.

    Start saving precious time and invest in wearable scanners to boost productivity and to decrease the unpleasant errors due to the interruption of the working flow.

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  • The mechanism of the product is simple: instead of having to always travel to and back from the scanning station, or to have to pick up a hand scanner every time before shipping, the time spent on such extra steps is saved by working with the wearable scanners. The system is integrated into a hand glove, so it will always be where a worker might need it.

    The time saved per each scan is of 4-6 seconds, but, added up, during a longer period of usage, a lot of precious time and energy will be saved.

    Moreover, with the hands-free, ergonomic and safety-focused hand scanner system, the operational errors are reduced.

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