Vertical semi-automatic strapping machine for pallets LM 500 AMH

  • Horizontal semi-automatic strapping machine for pallets : ideal for fruit and vegetables, concrete blocks and pallets loaded with cardboard boxes containing any product.
  • The cooling time for welding can be increased to ensure greater efficiency when welding at high voltage.
  • Polypropylene strap from 9 to 15 mm used adjustable strap tension from 8 to 70 kg
    220 V single-phase power supply 50 Hz 0.25 Kw machine net weight 242 kg
  • Strapping height can quickly and easily be adjusted:
    • maximum strapping height 2200 mm
    • minimum strapping height 180 mm
  • Mobility ensured by large wheels that facilitate displacement
  • Wheels have brakes to prevent accidental movements.
  • Two movement directions: with a simple adjustment, the machine can move forwards or sideways to get closer to the pallet.
  • RAL colour blue 5002 grey 9006
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