Trolley strap holders LM H 200

The Trolley Strap Holder LM H 200 is a mobile and robust dispenser cart. It is designed to enhance packaging efficiency. This dispenser cart is versatile and facilitates the strapping process in various industrial applications.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable Core Size: The equipment accommodates strapping rolls with 200 and 280 mm belt diameters. This offers flexibility to suit different strapping needs.
  • Quick Access Holder: The trolley features a handy tool holder. It provides space for seals or wire buckles. This addition aids in organizing strapping accessories. It enhances the convenience of essential tools.
  • Durable Construction: Withstands intense use with ease. The sturdy design ensures the reliable performance of the cart. Over time, it remains a reliable tool in packaging environments.
  • Safe and Comfortable to Use: Designed for comfort and safety, the LM H 200 transports strapping rolls. With the equipment close at all times, users can operate in continuous flow. This further ensures a safe and hassle-free movement.
  • Mobility in All Packaging Areas: The efficient packing trolley for warehouse use is easy to maneuver due to its wheels. It can be moved through different packing areas without difficulty. This increases the freedom of operation within a facility.
  • Fits PP and PET Straps: This dispenser is well-suited for PP and PET straps. It shows high resistance to intensive use. Its sturdy base and structure ensure stability. These features facilitate post-motion recovery.
  • Large Winding Width: LM H 200 can accommodate winding widths of 200 and 280 mm. It can adapt to various strapping requirements. This diversity makes it a valuable accessory for packaging operations.
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Additional Features:

  • Lightweight Design: The LM H 200 is designed to be handy and lightweight. It ensures easy use and efficient dispensing. It is ideal for Polypropylene (PP) straps. PP straps are common and cost-effective.
  • Strap Size Matching: The trolley design is compatible with 200 mm and 280 mm diameter core straps. This increases its versatile nature. It adapts to various strap sizes, which makes it useful across multiple packing situations. This ensures that it responds efficiently to a range of industrial strapping needs.
  • Carrying Basket for Tools: It includes a carrying basket for storing and transporting strapping tools. This basket holds tensioners, sealers, seals, and other accessorie It ensures all needed equipment is available at hand.

The LM H 200 Trolley Strap Holder is more than a dispenser. This tool is a complete solution for strapping goods. It streamlines the strapping process in industrial environments. Its design shows an insight into modern packaging needs. It focuses on ease of use, long service life and efficiency. The strapping support device is crucial for improving handling and packaging processes. It is practical, convenient and reliable.

Versatile Utility Across Industries:

This device with easy use is not limited to one industry but has various applications in several sectors. Its adaptable nature benefits high-volume packaging sectors such as e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing. The strapping trolley can handle a variety of materials, ideal for the construction industry. Safe packaging of various goods is crucial in this sector. As such, this equipment fits industrial strapping needs.

The LM H 200 trolley is ideal for retail and warehousing. It meets the demands of fast-paced environments without reducing performance. It is perfect for industries handling delicate or sensitive products. The trolley provides the necessary precision and care, ensuring the safety and integrity of products during the packaging process. The LM H 200 model is an excellent investment for any facility that needs to move goods fast and efficiently. It is easy to use and work with for anyone.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Production:

  • Improved Mobility: The LM H 200 trolley strap system has wheels. This feature allows easy and efficient transfer to different packaging areas. This mobility is valuable in large warehouses and production facilities where movement between different stations is frequent. The heavy-duty strap holder is an excellent investment for any facility because it is easy for anyone to use.
  • Ergonomic Design for User Comfort: The quick-setup strap holder LM H 200 ensures comfortable and safe operation. Its design helps reduce the risk of over strain or injury, making the packaging process more accessible and comfortable.


  • Space-Efficient and User-Friendly: The LM H 200 is designed to be robust yet compact. This means it doesn’t occupy excessive space. This way, the tool is ideal for use in areas with limited space. In addition, its ease of use makes it accessible to operators with different experience levels. It minimizes training time and maximizes production.
  • Sustainable and Responsible Packaging Solution:

The LM H 200 promotes sustainability by encouraging the use of eco-friendly straps. The strapping equipment can use recyclable and bio-degradable straps, as well. This reflects Logimarkt Engineering’s responsible approach to packaging solutions. Sustainability and efficiency are both high priorities.

  • Durability and Maintenance:

The industrial trolley strap holder ensures long-term use, even with frequent and demanding tasks. Its maintenance requirements are low. They involve regular cleaning and simple inspections to maintain optimal use. This ease of maintenance ensures that the trolley remains a reliable part of the packaging process for the long term. It offers an excellent return on investment (ROI).

  • Customization and Safety:

The user-friendly trolley strap holder is adaptable for various packaging tasks, which makes it suitable for multiple operational needs. Safety elements are essential in the LM H 200’s design. It boasts a stable build and easy steering. This reduces workplace accident risks by prioritizing operator safety.

  • Broad Training and Support:

Logimarkt Engineering offers training for the industrial strap holder trolley with carrying basket. Experts ensure that companies benefit from the potential of this tool. Support covers everything from set-up to daily use and maintenance. Users get the help they need to increase the efficiency and duration of the trolley.

Logimarkt Engineering’s trolley straps holder is a mix of innovation, functionality and efficiency. This tool is essential for businesses looking to optimize their packaging and goods-securing processes. It adapts to different operational levels and needs.

With this packaging strap system, Logimarkt Engineering sets a benchmark in packaging solutions. It combines innovative design with practicality. It responds to the changing needs of the packaging industry.

This industrial strap carrier is a strategic choice to improve packaging processes. It offers unrivalled performance and utility in industrial packaging.

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