Trayline industrial washing machine

The Trayline industrial washing machine is recommended to clean the boxes, containers, lids, metal/ plastic industrial trays etc. It has access doors on both sides, that easing the maintenance process. The machine design takes into consideration all the operations done by the workers, keeping them safe during all the actions.

The industrial washing machine Trayline helps the companies to keep the operational costs at a low level by its capacity to clean a high number of products in a relatively short amount of time.

Its capacity to clean the crates varies, depending on their dimensions, from 300 to 1500 pieces per hour.

Technical details:

  • the tunnel dimensions can be customized according to the client’s request
  • access doors on both sides of the washing machine
  • locks are mounted on the doors in order to protect the operators
  • the control panel can be installed either on the left side, or on the right side of the washing machine
  • the cleaning is done by using economically the resources
  • pumps and filters are very accessible, this keeping the maintenance cost at a low level

Technical specifications

Length3100 mm3600 mm
Width (without the control panel)940 mm1050 mm
Height1590 mm1590 mm
Washing capacity200 trays/hour (600x400 mm)300 trays/hour (762x457 mm)
Water pump consumption4 kW5.5 kW
Water tank300 liters450 liters
Rinse water consumption4.5 liters/ min5.5 liters/ min
Standard dimensions of the washing tunnel475x300 mm584x300 mm
Total electrical charge55 kW including heated rinse tank66 kW including heated rinse tank
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