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Producers or distributors of small parts often meet space issues when storing their goods. High and large racks are also a problem, due to the fact that, even if they are able to store many items, it might be challenging to reach the products placed in the back or higher upper parts of the racks. Thus, not only that time is lost, but it can also lead to injuries for the workers.

In these cases, a solution is represented by owning a tool tower, which has a lot of perks, as following: space saving, time saving, less operations required, software optimization, flexibility, etc., which will be presented below.

  • Tower 1260

    Tower 1260

    The Tower 1260 tool tower is made to handle heavy loads and occupy minimum space, designed especially for crowded areas or small warehouses/ deposits.

    The space that it takes starts at 3.65 m2 and it depends on its height (from 5 m to 15 m) and the tray distance (300 mm or 150 mm). Its maximum total weight is of 66 tons and the trays’ payload is of 500 kg.

    Its trays not only that are resistant to heavy loads and provide safetiness and stability, but they also facilitate easy access to the products placed inside. There are available optional hoists in order to be able to easily access heavy or bulky items or by crane or forklift.

    Due to the automatic system that monitors the filling height and the weight of both the individual single trays and the entire device, maximum safety of movement and storage is provided.

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  • Tower 1280

    Tower 1280

    This tool tower offers maximum storage capacity, due to its efficient use of room height, especially if we consider the limited space conditions that a storage area might have.

    The usable space per each tray is of 1 m2, their width is of 1,25 m and the handled weight is of 500 kg, which allows multiple material-friendly storing possibilities for many heavy products in just one cell.

    The Tower 1280 tool tower provided by Logimarkt is ideal to be used as a skillful device with great storage capacities for various applications in automated production processes where workers operate with a high rate of tools for handling.

    In order to comply with as many requests as possible and owing to their fully modular construction, the product is available in different heights, starting from 3 m and exceeding 10 m.

    What makes it different from the last product is the fact that its increased width, of maximum 2,921 mm, allows the storage capacity of more tools, with the 10,000 mm height and 58 trays application.

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  • Tower 2460

    Tower 2460

    The 2460 tool tower offers direct access to its 2.4 m wide trays, which allow the optimal and efficient storage of a warehouse’s products. Its considerably larger trays, that have almost double the width of the previous model’s size (2,45 m), is perfect to store large amounts of items.

    The tool tower is ideal to be used in the shipment of spare parts, logistics or tools segments, and anywhere is necessary to handle thousands of products with different dimensions, weights and in different quantities.

    Because they own a completely modular construction, the availability of the tool towers ranges from 2.5 m to over 15 m, depending on each customer’s applications and needs.

    The professional equipment family that this 2460 tool tower is part of, offers a wide area of safe, proper, ergonomic and material-friendly storage of any warehouse stock.

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  • Tool 2480

    Tool 2480

    The largest available tool tower offers fully automation and a well arranged warehouse storage for any area in which one activates.

    The Tower 2480 model provide immense storage capacity even in the most confined spaces, due to its capability to reach high dimensions and, thus, to take advantage of the available space. The model is available in heights from 2.5 m and up to over 15 m. Its width is of 2.92 m, which allows the storage of huge amounts of goods, and it is equivalent to 2 Euro pallets.

    Tower 2480’s total payload is of 66 tons and the weight that each tray can contain carry is of 500 kg per tray.

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  • How is the tool tower different from a classic metal rack, that can also store organized items and is also easy to access?

    The modular tool tower is an innovative enclosed racking system that stores stacked trays in its frontal and rear parts. What makes this product so special is that it owns an automated extractor in the center of it, which identifies and delivers the exact needed item to the access opening at the expense of only pushing a button.

    The perfect storing position – thanks to its intelligent organizing system, the tool tower provided by Logimarkt is able to weight and measure the height of the products placed in each tray and thus identify the most advantageous position for each of them in order to find the most optimal spot for storage and to avoid the overloading of the tray or the whole device. Therefore, the tool storage system is able to store different items, from the smallest screw and up to the bulkiest one. Each tray can load up to 500 kg of products.

    A time saving solution

    Thanks to its revolutionary system, the tool towers are able to deliver the needed items directly to the operator, without having to manually identify and extract the goods from a crowded rack. Thus, the time spent on walking, searching and handling the specific parts is saved, which means that more processes can be made throughout a working day.

    Boost the available operating space with the tool towers

    Moreover, by upgrading to Logimarkt’s tool towers, 85% of the occupied space by classic racks will be saved, due to its almost stepless trays storage, which measure only 25 mm.

    Improved ergonomics

    Normally, the workers would have to bend over, climb or reach out to identify and pull out the needed products. These actions not only that waste precious time, but can also lead to severe health injuries when heavy items are handled. The tool towers work through a different principle, because they are programmed to bring the goods to a person. The needed items are sent to the worker through an ergonomically positioned access opening. Moreover, because of their smart software, the trays can even be delivered to a specific working height, in order to increase the comfort of the warehouse workers as much as possible.

    Security of the goods and personnel

    Due to the provided controlled access to each specific tray, the shutter doors and tracking system for each user’s access to each tray, the optimal security level is achieved for both the stored items and the operators.

    Improved flexibility

    The tower’s intelligent software allows each tray to be customized accordingly for each category of products they store. A few examples of such customizable functions are: slow speeds (if they store fragile items), storage close to the access opening (for frequently handled goods), storage of the trays with similar weights in the same unit, and more. These qualities improve the working conditions and also speed up the processes done in the storage area.

    The advantage of modularity

    Logimarkt provides a solution that has the purpose of optimizing as many aspects as it can, in order to solve the most challenging operational issues. Thus, not only that the product can ease the workers’ tasks and protects both them and the warehouse’s goods, but it also offers advantages in terms of space improvement. The Tower’s height can be customized in order to fit perfectly in any warehouse space and to provide as much storage space as it is needed (from 2.5 to 15 meters).

    Faster access to all necessary information by only accessing a mobile app

    In order to have access to all the needed information about the stored products or to be able to easily manage the tool towers, a mobile app is available for iPhone and iPad users.

    Tool towers for small storage spaces

    Even though the Tower storage units provided by Logimarkt can be customized to fit large areas of a warehouse, it is equally important that this solution also fits in tighter places. The following products operate on the same principles that were described above, the only differences between them being the ones in terms of storage capabilities (due to different various dimensions) and application (the fourth model can store Euro pallets as well). The tool towers are designed to suit every warehouse’s needs and to fit in any storage space, regardless of its proportions.

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