SupplySystem is the first self-configuring equipment, designed for the precise control of the stored products.

In case the user’s needs change, the system can be reconfigured according to the new needs. The customizable elements are: height, depth, width, control and storage options.

Each SKU tool is designed to reach the highest level of efficiency, density of products is maximized, and the costs are decreased.

The control unit has an industrial CPU, touch screen and power source. Each unit is equipped with a wireless connection system to ease the access from a distance and to eliminate the need to have a technician.

The auto-configurable tool vending system can be set up to 4 control levels:

  • very high level – each compartment contains only one product
  • high level – each compartment contains more products with the same SKU code
  • medium level – each compartment contains more products with different SKU codes
  • low level – unlimited access. This system keeps track both for products withdrawal as well as for their return in good order.

The software application has the capacity to individually configure the industrial vending machine, based on a couple of information:

  • product characteristics
  • control level
  • storage level
  • stock renewing frequency
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