Standard scissor lift table

Standard scissor lift table is used to lift loads with weights between 500 and 1500 kg, at 590-1200 mm height.

The scissor lift tables are used in warehouses, traditional or fully robotized production units, in stores or different other applications, which require a rapid and safe lifting of a heavy weighted load.
Beside their main function of lifting and lowering the loads without any physical efforts and according to the European safety regulations, the lifting tables can align the working surface, acting like an elevator between the two zones placed at different heights.
The scissor lift tables can have customized design depending on the client’s requests and needs, or a model can be chosen from the existing product range developed along the years. These are used both as independent functional units, as well as integrated in an automatized logistic flow.

The advantages of the hydraulic or pneumatic scissor lift tables as intralogistics system, are:

  • provide a safe working environment
  • the productivity and efficiency are increasing due to the rapidity of lowering and lifting
  • they are easy to use and require a minimum of maintenance
  • the system is compact, the pomp and hydraulic pistons are integrated within the system, requiring only power supply
  • the main metallic support offers high resistance and stability

Technical specifications

Load capacity kg5001500
The height to which the platform rises (H) mm590 - 1200800 - 1200
Minimum platform height (LxB) mm1000x600 - 1800x6001350x700 - 1800x700
Maximum platform height (LxB) mm1100x1000 - 2000x12001400x1200 - 2000x1200
Folded platform height (C) mm200-240250-270
Lifting time (seconds)10.0 - 22.024.0 - 36.0
Consumed power kW0.55- 0.750.75 - 1.1
Weight kg135 - 230335 - 365
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