Semi-electric inverter with spindle for rolls (150 kg)

The paper roll (150 kg) is handled using the spindle which enters inside the roll’s the cardboard core.

This roll turner with spindle can handle the rolls only if they are in vertical position, needing precision to introduce the shaft into the cardboard core of the roll.

The inverter can rotate the paper rolls up to 90°. The safety is guaranteed by the spindle design, this one being able to enlarge its diameter from 68 to 82 mm.

Technical specifications

Roll capacity150 kg
Roll fastening systemmanually
Shaft extension interval69 - 80 mm
Roller maximum diameter600 mm
Roller lifting height- 1500 mm in verical position
- 1530 mm in horizontal position
Lifting systemhydraulic
Rotation90°, manual
ChargerNo. 2, gel batteries 12 V - 55 A h
Battery charger24 V – 5A 220 V
Distance between feet480 mm
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