Rotary Jet industrial washing machine

The Rotary jet industrial washing machine is recommended to clean shelves, boxes, buckets, trays, etc. This washing machine can be used to wash several boxes stacked on a trolley. The closed base boxes must be placed upside down so they will not be filled in with water.

The washing machine can be set to run a partial product drying program by starting the ventilators which eliminates the steam. This way, the necessary drying time is considerably shortened.

The industrial washing machine can clean up to 20 boxes per hour.
This washing machine for crates is designed to function using the minimum of resources at their maximum potential. The large capacity of the water tank helps to optimize the consumption of resources.

The Rotary jet industrial washing machines are equipped with a hinged door and handles to ease the preparations of the goods for washing. The machines have as well many possibilities to warm the water up: electrical, gas or steam. It’s a reliable washing machine, which can be adapted to many types of goods with different dimensions.

The electrical panel can be installed either on the right or the left side, depending on the clients’ needs and the space they have available in the working area.
The washing machine maintenance involves low costs, firstly due to the quality materials it’s made of, but in the same time because of the easy access to the main components (pipes, filters, pumps).

All industrial washing machines for boxes are equipped with adaptable feet, being suitable for any floor type.

Technical specifications

ROTARY JET75010002000
Depth1435 mm1980 mm2896 mm
Width1435 mm1828 mm1980 mm
Water tank consumption5.5 kW2x4kW2x5.5 kW
Water tank capacity287 liters910 liters1600 liters
Rinse water consumption (10 seconds cycle)3.32 liters5 liters6.6 liters
Steam fan10 ”diameter12 ”diameter12 ”diameter
Door width740 mm1040 mm1190 mm
Washing space dimensions740x1020x1830 mm1040x1450x1830 mm1190x2285x1980 mm
Total electrical charge36 kW standard electric machine10 kW standard electric machine12kW standard electric machine
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