Panamatic industrial washing machine

The Panamatic industrial washing machines for plastic boxes are completely made from stainless steel, providing a longer life. These are recommended for cleaning big pots, trays, boxes, pallets, etc. During the washing cycle, the goods are placed inside the washing machine, while the water jets are swirling around them to ensure complete coverage.

The detergent is gradually released by an automatic dispenser.

The industrial washing machine has an integrated frame at the base, so it can be easily moved in the desired location. It is equipped as well with a ventilator to extract the water vapors.
This option of the washing machine is useful for the companies which needs the boxes partially dried before use.

The industrial washing machines for crates contains a high capacity water tank, with its help reducing the water consumption at refilling, without affecting the efficiency. The automatic arms for washing and detergent release, are positioned in a way that the products are washed from all the angles, using the minimum of energy. The Panamatic washing machine can clean up to 20 boxes per hour.

The industrial washing machine’s maintenance doesn’t involve high costs due to its innovative design: the access to filters, water tank and pumps is very facile, and the stainless-steel mesh can be easily disassembled for the periodically rinsing.

The industrial washing machine for totes is flexible to the client’s needs:

  • Electric panel can be installed either on the left or right side of the washing machine
  • The container in which are placed the products that are to be washed can be personalized according to the client’s requests: shelves or baskets can be added or removed in order to maximize the efficiency of the washing process
  • There can be used different methods to warm up the water (controlled by a thermostat)

All the industrial washing machines for boxes are equipped with adaptable feet so they can be used on any floor type.

Technical specifications

Depth813 mm915 mm1320 mm
Width1066 mm1524 mm1524 mm
Water pump consumption4 kW5.5 kW5.5 kW
Water tank145 liters182 liters273 liters
Rinse water consumption1.66 liters3.32 liters6.8 liters
Steam fan7” diameter10 ”diameter10 ”diameter
Washing area675x800x560 mm790z1220x560 mm1120x1220x710 mm
Maximum electric charge (standard electric heated machine)20 kW24 kW34 kW
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