Pallets conveyors

  • automatized transport in a short time of different types of pallets and palletized goods
  •  the modularity offers precision and adaptability to the production needs
  • they easily integrate within the complex technological flows and they correlate to the production volume
  • the ergonomic design helps in creating complex routes and optimizes the space to its maximum
  • minimum energy consume with maximum results
  • reduces the costs by integrating different separate activities into a continuous work flow

The conveyors represent an automatization which helps the continuous work, without syncope and the general decrease of costs.

The pallet conveyors unite the transportation, transfer and distribution in one single system. They are compatible with any pallet types: euro-pallets, Chep pallets, plastic pallets, etc.

The system can have transporter rolls, or chain for situations when rolls cannot be used.

The pallets conveyors can have the following options:

  • the stacking device allows the overlapping of 2 pallets in a completely automated system
  • the lift for pallets allows the palletized goods to be simultaneously moved up and down, from the floor to another support; the maximum capacity is 1500 kg
  • the pallets centering device aligns the boxes, and automatically centers them along the conveyor
  • the pallets magazine stores and keeps in order the empty pallets in stack, using a pneumatic/ automatic device. The storage zone has a capacity of up to 500 kg
  • the transfer system automatically changes the direction of the pallet to 90⁰

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