Large V-Liner Platform

The V-Liner platform is an effective internal logistics solution. It is fully mechanic, thus being characterized by numerous advantages: low failure rate, ease of service, no mandatory certification of vehicle for driving, increased security and low operating costs.

It can reach a maximum speed up to 6 km/ h. It is suitable for any different kinds of trains, regardless type or brand.

The Small V-Liner Platform is equipped with passive traction, while the Large V-Liner Platform has an active wheel system.

An important and useful feature of this platform is that the materials can be loaded/ unloaded on both sides among the route.

Technical specifications

TypeLarge V-Liner platform
Overall dimensionsDuring workLengthmm2850
Technical parametersTrolley’s lift heightmm10
Turning radiusmm3000
Platform load capacitykg650
Tugger train max loadkg2600
Platform net weightkg540
Max height of containermm1000
Max number of platforms in one tugger trainpcs4
Suggested width of routesmm2000
Max speed on straight sectionskm/h10
Compatibility with containersDimensionsmm1200 x 800
mm1200 x 1000
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