Large C Liner Platform

The Large C-Liner Platform is an effective internal logistics solution. It is characterized by simplicity, reliability, safeness and flexibility as a result of its wide range of applications.

The platform adds value to the production plants due to the fact that allows significant optimization of the internal supply chain. The platform is designed to be attached to any tractor, despite its brand, meaning that there are no issues regarding the compatibility.

C-Liner Platform does not need any power supply in order to be operative. The system, while being attached to the tugger train, can be driven at a maximum speed of 6 km/ h in the case of the small C-Liner equipped with passive steering system. In the case of the large C-Liners which have the active steering system, the speed can reach up to 10 km/ h.

The small C-Liner is equipped with two swivel and two fixed wheels, while the large C-Liner has an active traction system or four wheels steered by the angle movement of the drawbar.

Technical specifications

Length (while working)2990 mm
Width (while working)1290 mm
Height (while working)375 mm
Length (stored)2630 mm
Width (stored)1090 mm
Height (stored)670 mm
Distance between floor and the docked trolley10 mm
Turning radius3000 mm
Platform load capacity1000 kg
Load capacity with towing system5000 kg
Platform net weight280 kg
Container maximum height1000 mm
Maximum number of platforms6 pcs
Recommended width of the movement surface2000 mm
Maximum speed10 km/h
Dimensions of the compatible containers/crates/boxes1200 x 800
1200 x 1000
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