Large AIO Trolley – 1200×800

The Large AIO system trolley represents a simple yet efficient logistics aid. The Large AIO system trolley is perfect for moving palletized goods or large items either placed on the upper frame itself, or with a shelf superstructure – it all depends on your logistics needs.

It has a simple design and it can be customized in any desired color. The trolley wheels have a blocking mechanism in order to avoid unpleasant situations when the trolley moves unintentionally.

When it is used manually, the trolley can reach a speed up to 6 km/ h. In order to make the docking of the trolley an easier experience, there are special slants placed on the sides.

Technical specifications

TypeLarge AIO trolley - 1200 x 800
Overall dimensionsWidthmm1245
Height of trolleymm232
Working space dimensionsLengthmm820
Technical parametersMaximum load capacitykg450
Trolley’s net weightkg23
Cooperating with containersDimensionsmm1200 x 800
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