Industrial washing machine Multiwasher

The industrial washing machines Multiwasher are designed taking into consideration the performances, efficiency, sustainability, design, esthetics, ergonomic, resistance, the machine’s service life duration.

They are produced from stainless steel and glass, ensuring this way resistance in time, but also the requested hygiene standard level.

Despite its dimensions which might appear impressive, the machine takes up a small place (less than a conventional washing line), the rounded corners ‘sweeten’ the general line of the equipment, give it elegance, offer a friendly look, and the internal space is optimized to the maximum. The glass part also helps the touch screen functionality of the machine. The engine is protected by diagonal ventilation zones, for increased efficiency.

Washing cycles can be personalized, so the equipment can be controlled by the operators regarding the washing time and temperature. Regardless the chosen program, the deep washing is ensured, at a guaranteed high quality. The high performance centrifugal system guarantees the washing and drying in the best conditions, and also with exceptional results.

There can be washed, sanitized, decarbonized and dried up almost any products, from racks (like, for example, the ones from professional kitchens, but not only those), pallets, boxes/crates, pallet boxes, containers (even garbage bins), bins, pots, utensils, trays, pans, lids, to shopping carts/trolleys or bakery trays. Only a special trolley is needed for all these products.

The washing temperature can reach up to 80°-85°C. The cleaning monitoring system efficiently checks and measures this, in only 30 sec, and can make an evaluation of the cleanliness grade of a surface.

They are used by industries like food (meat, fish processing, fruits and vegetables, bakery, dairy, pastry), HoReCa (hotel kitchens, catering, etc.) but also retail, logistics, pharma or production.

Multiwasher washing machines are fast, efficient, but in the same time environment friendly due to the reduced consume of water and detergent (two thirds less water and 70% less detergent). Also, the water is filtered and recycled, and can be reused for several washing cycles.

They are easy to use by the operators from the technology or maintenance point of view, but also due to the fast loading. They increase work satisfaction by significantly decreasing the washing time but with high standard results.

Technical specifications

Measurements (Ext.) W/D/H mm2035 × 1475 × 27202425 × 1865 × 27202755 × 2195 × 2740
Power45hp / 16hp50hp / 22hp65hp / 22hp
Voltage208V/480V/575V 3PH 60HZ208V/480V/575V 3PH 60HZ208V/480V/575V 3PH 60HZ
Tank200 L340 L500 L
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