High lift pallet trucks

The high lift pallet trucks is a combination of pallet truck and working table. The system is hydraulic, battery operated. The high lift pallet trucks station easily transports and lifts very heavy loads to the ideal height for work.

The station can be equipped with a photoelectric cell to adjust the lifting height, so there is no need for a manual fix for this, being automatically adjusted depending on the signal received from the sensor.

It is available also in the simple motorized version with UP / DOWN action button.

Both versions are equipped with battery charger.

Technical specifications

Capacity1000 kg
Maximum height to which the platform rises800 mm
Battery12 V - 60 Ah
Rectifier12 V - 10 A
Equipment and battery weight145 kg
Loading center600 mm
The station is equipped with a photoelectric cell for adjusting the height to which the work platform rises.
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