Carton sealer self adjustment standard with side belt and 50 and 75 mm universal taping head LM 201 Y

  • Semiautomatic carton sealer: the tape sealing on the top and on bottom flaps of american type boxes, fixed sizes and easy and fast manual regualtion, if associated with the loading and unloading roller It becomes an easy and economic packaging workstation.The machine, when combined with automatic devices for centring and regulating the boxes flow, could also works in lines not controlled by operators.
  • The boxes are fed by four lower side belts, driven by a single motor ensuring a smooth carton transport, the regulations for the various formats are carried out automatically by pneumatic cylinder.
    Automatic self-dimensioning carton sealer with manual boxes positioning
  • Width from 120 to 550 mm.
  • Height from 120 to 550 mm. Minimum length 150 mm.
  • Machine with head for sealing tape with width mm.50
  • Tension V.220 mono-phase Hz.50, power Kw.0,40
  • Air consumption/cycle NI. 1 a BAR 6
  • Overall layout dimensions including prtection devices mm.1155 x 920
  • Transferbelt velocity 20 mt/minute
  • Timer stand by for switching off and stand by belts.
  • Machine weight 150 Kg.
  • Working table height adjustable from 650 to 750 mm Colors: ral grey 9006 and ral blue 5013
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