Automatic pallet wrapping machine P60

The pallet wrapper can be used only if integrated to a pallets conveyor system. Using the vertical automatic pallet wrapper P60, there can be packed up to 61 pallets/ hour, using only 72 g of stretch film.

It is a vertical automatic wrapping system with a turntable which rotates the pallet, while an arm stretches the film over the load. The pallet wrapper has an electrical system to pre-stretch the film and expand it with up to 340%, so a small quantity of foil will be used.

Film unwrapping speed is controlled by an inverter, which determines the film tension to adjust to the load shape (in the corners is less tensioned in order to avoid the film tear and prevent the packed products’ deformations).

The automatic wrapping machine P60 has a high level of control over the film pre-stretch temperature, eliminating any risk of tear it. The film cutting mechanism is placed outside the working area, and it activates itself only after the load was wrapped with 10 layers, avoiding this way the possible accidents (film cut, load destabilization).

The pallet wrapper has a VPN connection which allows remote control. P60 packaging machine is very easy to use due to the control panel which has icons instead of text.

The drive belt ensures a low noise functioning, and eliminates the lubrication.

The machine has the option to protect the load from water and dust by using a supplementary film on top of the stack.

Technical specifications

Pallet size1200 x 1000/800 mm
Maximum load height 2 100 mm (including the pallet)
Minimum load height500 mm (minimum for packaging)
Maximum load weight 1 500 kg
Conveyor height 500 mm
Conveyor speed 12 m/minute
Rotation speedup to 18 r/m, adjustable from the control panel
Number of programs 9 programs, can be set and memorised individually
Pallets/ h61 p/ h at 10 rotations
Foil quantity72 grams film/pallet
Reel film characteristics300 mm max. diameter, 76 mm core diameter
500 mm max. band width, 17/23 microns film thickness
Power supply 400 V – 50 Hz
Protection IP55
Weight 1 600 kg (without accessories and conveyor)
Control panelSiemens PLC with commands and alarm LEDs
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