Automatic pallet wrapping machine B300

The automatic high speed pallet wrapper B300 with rotary arm can wrap up to 124 pallets per hour, using only 72 g of film per pallet. The automatic vertical packaging machine can wrap up 2100 mm high pallets.

The high productivity of this machine is owed to the following 2 properties:

  • the rotary arm is connected in the lower part to a ring that counteracts the centrifugal force, obtaining this way 45 rotations per minute
  • cutting and sealing the foil are done exactly when removing the pallet from the wrapping area, so that a new pallet can be brought immediately
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The vertical automatic pallet wrapper is available only on automatic version which needs to be integrated with a conveyor. Its use is recommended in the distribution or production companies, where the packaging speed must be high. A small quantity of film can be used due to the electric pre-stretch system, which allows the foil extension with 340%.

The components used are Siemens, Sick, Festo. The VPN connection ensures remote assistance, so the interventions on the machine can be easily done. The belt drive ensures a low noise functioning of the vertical pallet wrapping machine, and eliminates the lubrication.