Automatic pallet wrapping machine B150-250

Automatic pallet wrapping machine with protection against water and rotary arm is able to wrap up between 84-118 pallets per hour, using 10 layers of film. It’s available in two versions:

  • Automatic pallet wrapping machine with rotary arm with high wrapping speed
  • Automatic pallet hermetically wrapping machine with rotary arm, which offers protection against dust and water (rain) by using a supplementary film placed on top of the stack

The heights of the stacks which can be wrapped with this machine are between 500 – 2100 mm, with a maximum load of 1500 kg, and the base dimensions can be 1200×800 mm or 1200×1000 mm. For the applications where atypical pallets are used, there can be developed customized products. The power source can be both pneumatic and electric.

The pallet wrapper has 9 programs which can be set and memorized individually. Among the parameters which can be set, there are: number of rotations of the palletized load, rotary arm speed rotation, film tensioning on different loads, wrapping height of the load. Each user has its own access code, through which the pallets wrapper’s settings can be adjusted. By using this option, there can be also accessed the data about the last 7 days of activity.

Technical specifications

Pallet size1200x1000/800 mm
Maximum load height 2 100 mm (including the pallet)
Minimum load height 500 mm (minimum for packaging)
Maximum load weight 1 500 kg
Conveyor height500 mm
Conveyor speed12 m/minute
Rotation speed (depending on the model)B150: 20 r/m, B170: 30 r/m, B200-B250: 40 r/m
Number of programs9 programs, can be set and memorised individually
Pallets/ h (depending on the model) B150: 84 p/h, B170: 101 p/h, B200: 111 p/h, B250: 118 p/h
Foil quantity 72 grams film/pallet
Reel film characteristics300 mm max. diameter, 76 mm core diameter
500 mm max. band width, 17/23 microns film thickness
Power supply400 V – 50 Hz
Weight2 300 kg (without accessories and conveyor)
Control panel Siemens PLC with commands and alarm LEDs
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