Automatic pallet wrapping machine A800

Automatic pallet wrapping machine A800 can wrap up to 100 pallets per hour, with a speed of 50 rpm. It has a round frame with vertical run, wrapping the pallet with film in a rapid and efficient manner. The pallet wrapper has a supplementary roll film which can be automatically replaced, even when the machine is still in use, ensuring in this way a continuous flow within the logistic process.

The automatic stretch wrapper has a low noise level and requires minimum maintenance due to the belt drive, which eliminates also the constant lubrication.

The pallet wrapper has a VPN connection which allows software assistance with remote control.

Using a supplementary option, the pallet wrapper can be equipped so it can protect the load from water and dust, by adding a foil on top of the stack. This foil is fixed afterwards by wrapping the pre-stretched film available within the standard options.

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