Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are designed to be used in the logistics industry. They represent a solution which optimizes and automizes safe material transports inside a warehouse and even in the healthcare sector. They represent robotized equipment that is able to lift and carry packed goods from one location to another, instead of having them manipulated by a worker.

They are used in order to be able to reach even higher, further and faster for warehousing processes, and to not only fasten the time spent on picking up or dropping off items, but also to get better traceability, process optimization and therefore, productivity.

Automated guided vehicles AGVs

With the vertical mechanism, working with high racks, automatic warehouses and stacking/de-stacking of pallets and block storage will be significantly easier and more accessible.

Having a maximum speed of about 5 km/hour, the AGVs that Logimarkt proposes are built to adapt to any warehouse plan and to simplify and fasten the processes done at the storage and picking stations.

Automating all operations with the help of technology represents the key for a constant and methodical organized supply of goods. With the help of automated systems for all kinds of loads and flows, any company can easily increase its competitiveness and flexibility.

Using the system for line operations, the needed containers and pallets that weight up to 600 kg can be easily moved.

Automated guided vehicles AGVs

The automated transport robots can carry related items that are delivered at the same time, thus speeding up the manufacturing and handling processes.

Even if a company works with auxiliary materials, like cardboard, plastic, waste products or empty containers, it’s much easier now to transport them where they are needed to be. But by using a rack mover system, the assigned products will be quicker organized.

  • With the help of automated vehicles it’s much easier now to change any routine without slowing down the production flow. Stations can be added or removed and their route can be modified with the help of a simple and smooth process of adaptation to changes.

The robot cells facilitate a bidirectional communication with the operator to ensure safety and precision while transporting the needed products.

Access to more possibilities: if an entire rack needs to be moved from the storage area to the docking station, where an operator should await for it, or just reorganize the deposit, the solution is working with the rack lifting and delivery robots.

Automated guided vehicles AGVs

Even when working with multi-SKU racks, they will be safely and precisely moved when using special platforms. Their system allows full traceability in order to supervise and control the machines that are being used.

  • A safe and reliable solution for daily tasks. With a better flexibility, the small dimensions robot is able now to make complex movements and thus increase production. It is faster, practical, it has a great load capacity and moreover, it is easy to track and get real time information.

The AGV enables optimal performance, a quality that increases the productivity and decreases the costs in an intralogistics department. It is easy to install and easy to use.

Because of its technology, it can adapt to a variety of weights and forms of the different trolleys and containers that are assigned to be transported.

They can be used in a system of more such robots that travel from a working station to another, in a circuit; to deliver and collect containers, or to precisely transport goods to an exact location.

Automated guided vehicles AGVs

  • With the AGV, more freedom of movement will be provided. Its technology allows the machine to move in any direction and gives it 360° full protection. Just as the rest of the machines, it comes with an integrated system that allows the tracking of its position on all time. Thanks to these characteristics, it can effectuate longitudinal and transversal movements which are essential in a busy working space.

Its smart navigation technology added up to the software intelligence that it owns, the AGV platform is designed to meet the increased demand of any logistics operation. A few examples of items that they are able to carry are different sizes of racks, containers and pallets.

The design of this AGV platform, which is compact and stable, the safely maintained interactions with it and the real time connectivity are just a few factors that make it a great product to be used.

Its low height profile makes it flexible to use in any intralogistics area.

Some of the objects that it can handle include, but don’t limit to: raw materials, finished products, fragile objects, small parts, frames, pallets and stacked objects; stored in racks, using a platform as a base or with a metal structure.

They are equipped with sensors and scanners to increase their accuracy, protection and to be able to read barcodes, weight loads and adjust their position prior to transporting the items to the workers.

These high quality robots are guaranteed to improve production and competitivity, for they offer a peerless performance in palletized loads handling. Moreover, it will reduce costs and risks, being able to perform in the same environment as humans and manual trucks.

It is qualified for transporting and storing objects as racks (full, empty or double), containers of any sizes and reels and is mostly used in reception and shipment areas.

The advanced technology used for light loads allows the AGV to be presented with high-safety equipment incorporated, the ability to avoid obstacles and also to be easy to setup, install and even modify. Upgrade any workspace with the high-quality and reliable solution which uses cutting edge technologies to allow complete flexibility and safe interaction in any environment.

The AGV for moving stored items proposed by Logimarkt is built to be able to work with different handling systems and to ease the integration process in already in use transfer stations without having to modify the infrastructure, rails or routes. Using smart technology that allows the tracking of its position and enhance rapid decision making, it also comes with the possibility to trace the process flow and optimization in real time.

Automated guided vehicles AGVs

Because customers’ needs and safety always come first, the solution that Logimarkt can produce not only that provides a safe working space, but it also increases the production in any area that it is used. They navigate within warehouses or production and assembly areas with caution in order to protect themselves and everything around them. They have incorporated sensors to make sure of working with a high quality and most reliable system. It comes with advantages such as connectivity and integration services with the user, predictive diagnostics and performance analysis.

Due to the information they collect, stock and transmit, they are more than simple working robots. They are a key factor that can significantly increase a company’s production flow. The different technologies that are available for purchase can be used for the vehicles’ location and navigation surveillance.

Because the user’s safety is a valuable aspect, the robots that Logimarkt is able to deliver are collaborative partners that coexist with humans and other (automated or not) vehicles. All AGVs meet the most rigorous safety regulations.

The safety measures when working with AGVs include: emergency stop buttons, safety laser scanners, safety PLCs, load sensors, warning systems, fork tip sensors and photocells and bumpers.

In regarding to the navigation process, they travel through magnetic navigation: the magnetic tape placed on the floor is being read by an antenna integrated in the AGVs. Any changes to their routes or product placement is done by using the system they follow and the floor bands.

They navigate using Wi-Fi and the guiding floor lines are simple to install and replace, they do not need any changes in the infrastructure of the warehouse or floor anchoring. The bands are 160 mm wide and 1 mm thick and they do not need glue to stick to the floor, so they are always easy to reorganize. Moreover, they can be attached to any type of surface, therefore representing an inclusive and customizable solution for any warehouse space.

In relation to the robots’ life, Logimarkt can provide a well planned charging system and powerful batteries to reduce as much as possible the time spent while charging.

Charging method

When an AGV is low on battery, it will automatically go to the charging station and enter the recharge process. After recharging, it will automatically enter the working phase, thus providing a 24/7 operating cycle.

Automated guided vehicles AGVs


The battery they operate with lasts for 14h and its type is Li-ion (NMC). The Li-ion battery is the fastest one to charge and also assures the customer of high durability and low maintenance.

Communication systems

The technology developed in the communication area allows the maintaining of an essential information transfer between the vehicles and the client’s operating systems. The information transfer refers to orders performing, the control of the AGVs movements and enhancing the communication between all plant elements and customer control systems.

The host is someone that controls and is responsible for all the AGVs movements and orders that they must follow. The transport is automated, so this means that a bidirectional communication with the systems is required. The storage is also automated, on account of the provided AGVs’ interface, which allows bidirectional communication, and data capture system, responsible for communication with the devices installed around the AGVs.

Connected systems

In our time, when technology has taken over and eased our lives and daily tasks, it’s important to use it in our advantage. The best solution to optimize operations and limit the time spent for decision making through real-time communication and digital access to every single vehicle in order to monitor, diagnose, update and customize each one of them, is here. The connectivity is made through Wi-Fi.

Have real-time information, operating alerts, connection to other data sources and remote software updates with the possibility of working with automated guided vehicles.

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