Ultra Pallet Changer

Examples of use:

  • transferring products from wooden pallets to plastic cleanroom/hygienic pallets before entering sterile spaces, or the other way round;
  • moving goods from leased pallets (Chep, La Palette Rouge) on EPAL pallets or the other way round;
  • replacing defective or damaged pallets during transport;
  • changing pallets used during transport with ESD pallets for ESD cleanrooms or the other way round;
  • US FED STD 209E cleanroom standard;
  • BS 5295 cleanroom standard;
  • ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard.

The ULTRA pallet changer helps the warehouses and distribution companies to safely and easily replace damaged pallets from under stacked products. This device has a modular design that adapts for two types of pallets: EURO and ISO. It can also be used to replace a wooden pallet with a plastic pallet.

How Is ULTRA Pallet Changer Used?

The design of this innovative pallet changer is simple and efficient. Three sturdy walls will hold the stack of products in place. The three tines at the bottom facilitate the pallet to slide out and back in. They can also be adapted in widths to fit the size of the pallets.

The operator uses a forklift to place the stack within the ULTRA pallet changer, and then returns with the new pallet. As the operator slides the new pallet under the stack, the old one slides out. When the operator removes the stack of products, the old pallet slides back within the pallet changer.

Benefits of ULTRA Pallet Changer

This type of pallet changer is a versatile warehouse device that helps your employees replace a damaged pallets in less than a minute. It can be adapted for the most popular models of pallets on the market, and has several useful features, such as:

  • sliding tines with automatic return
  • extra third support for heavy loads
  • packing plates made of 5 mm sheet steel to compensate for pallet height differences

You can also order the ULTRA pallet changer to fit the specific size of the pallets used in your company, such as: half pallets, one-way pallets, GMA pallets (USA models). Other further customization options include:

  • stainless steel body for superior hygiene
  • higher load-bearing capacities
  • special colors
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