Pallet Stacking Device

The order and an efficient use of space are of maximum importance in any warehouse, and the pallet stacking device helps your company in this regard. The simple and ingenious design of this device, helps your workers to neatly stack empty pallets and retrieve them with the forklift when they are needed.

How Does the Pallet Stacking Device Work?

This device is custom made according to your needs. It consists of three U-shaped walls, with an opening at the bottom of the horizontal wall to slide pallets in and out. We can manufacture this device to stack various numbers of pallets, and to fit various pallet footprints: EURO, ISO, custom, etc.

The operator uses a forklift to perform various actions:

  • add empty pallets to the stack
  • remove a full stack to place it in storage areas
  • retrieve pallets for order picking as necessary

This is the simplest and most efficient way of keeping your warehouse floor clutter free. At the same time, it prevents the accidental damage of empty pallets forgotten on floors or shelves. The pallet stacking device is made of sturdy and reliable materials, and designed to protect the pallets while they are slide in and out of it.

What Other Customization Options Can You Choose for the Pallet Stacker?

As we explained above, the pallet stacking device is produced according to your specifications for height and widths. The standard models are available in the following colors:

  • RAL 5012 light blue
  • RAL 6000 patina green
  • RAL 7016 anthracite grey
  • RAL 7035 light grey

Other colors are available upon request.

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