Pallet Changer

Examples of use:

  • transferring products from wooden pallets to plastic cleanroom/hygienic pallets before entering sterile spaces, or the other way round;
  • moving goods from leased pallets (Chep, La Palette Rouge) on EPAL pallets or the other way round;
  • replacing defective or damaged pallets during transport;
  • changing pallets used during transport with ESD pallets for ESD cleanrooms or the other way round;
  • US FED STD 209E cleanroom standard;
  • BS 5295 cleanroom standard;
  • ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard.

The pallet changer is an innovative logistic device for busy warehouses and distribution hubs. It takes only one person to use the pallet changer and replace a damaged pallet from under a stack of products. Within just a few seconds, the stack of products sits safely on a new pallet and is ready for shipping.

How Does the Pallet Changer Work?

This pallet changing device has 3 metallic sides. The operator approaches its open side with a forklift with the stack of products on the damaged pallet, and the new pallet on top of the stack. After placing the stack of product inside the pallet changer, the forklift lowers the new pallet and pushes it under the stack.

The 3 vertical sides hold the stack of products tightly. As the new pallet is pushed in, the old one is pushed out. The stack of products now sits on the new pallet, and the operator can retrieve them with the forklift. That’s all!

Why Should Your Business Choose the Pallet Changer?

Among other logistic equipment, pallet changing devices are a must-have in any warehouse. Pallets can get damaged by exceeding the maximum load or rough handling. If the products are shipped on a damaged pallet, they can be deteriorated beyond repair or become unfitted for selling.

With pallet changer, you get:

  • a strong and reliable device made of 4 mm steel sheet
  • compact sizes, ideal for tight places in busy warehouses
  • easy to use, training takes only a few easy steps
  • recommended for EURO, INDUSTRY and custom sized pallets

This model of pallet changer is also available in stainless steel for clean-rooms and food production facilities. It is available in four standard colors:

  • RAL 5012 light blue
  • RAL 6000 patina green
  • RAL 7016 anthracite gray
  • RAL 7035 light gray.

Other colors available upon request.

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