LM square aluminium solutions

LM square aluminium solutions are made from profiles, using aluminium extrusion. They are the ideal solution for many applications, like production equipment construction, workstations, gravitational racking, accessories for conveyor systems, transport trolleys, etc.

  • Trolleys


    For supplying different areas in production or shipping areas, they are the heart of the supply chain flow because they offer a faster stock movement for the components from storage to assembly line. An efficient and productive manufacturing business is based on stock movement and supply just in time, with minimum time consuming.

    These aluminum trolleys are very light, easy to handle, the ideal mobile solution for every dynamic production site. Recommended for every type of material, even for odd shaped and sharp edges ones.

    Aluminum material used for trolleys assures antistatic properties or hygiene properties for work areas with special requests.

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  • Workbenches and workstations

    Workbenches and workstations

    Workbenches and workstations with many accsessories, like:

    • support for accessory panels with connectors to fix them on the workstation;
    • workstation top tables from compact wood, multilayered or MDF, with high resistance to abrasions, heat and friction;
    • storage shelves;
    • LED lightning, LED lamps with white or yellow light;
    • monitors and supporting arms for them;
    • different power switches;
    • different hooks for tools, boxes, bins, etc.
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  • Structures for high level work points

    Structures for high level work points

    • when a certain job must be done at a different level of height and a ladder just won’t work, then you need a high level structure that we can design to fit in exactly to your application. The design options are numerous: with stairs, doors for operator’s safety, single or multiple access points, desk for tool support, wheels with breaks for fixed working points, handles and hooks, LED lighting, etc.
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  • Kanban racks

    Kanban racks

    The modern production and assembly lines needs to be supplied with semi-fabricated items in the shortest possible time and as automatized as possible.

    The interruptions or pertubances of the production process lead to high costs and in consequence, the decrease of the company productivity.

    The kanban racks can be assembled with straight racking for storage, or with inclined racking for production or assembly zones. It is the ideal solution to implement a FIFO (First-in First-out) stock management strategy.


    • Higher stock capacity in comparison to conventional shelves – kanban racks can be considerably deeper, with older stock flowing forward and replenishment from the rear of the rack.
    • Incorporates all required equipment in an ergonomic and efficient manner: material, tools and equipment, etc.
    • It can be designed to store or move awkwardly sized products to narrow aisles between shelving.
    • No electricity is required, the stock moves forward due to inclined roller tracks and gravity.
    • Customizable and flexible, easily adaptable to new requirements without special tools, supporting lean manufacturing principles.
    • Can be mounted on castor wheels for mobility.
    • Aluminum profile assures antistatic properties or hygiene properties for work areas with special requests.
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  • Conveyor accessories

    Conveyor accessories

    The square profiles have standard design, making it possible to mount the accessories and connectors in any of their points, even for assembly a conveyor system. This is the perfect solution, because it is not fixed, it can be reconfigured very easy at any time, with no special tools. Curves can be designed with the help of connectors and also roller belt can complete the solution.

    Aluminum profile assures antistatic properties or hygiene properties for work areas with special requests.

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  • This type of solutions is also designed with Lean Manufacturing principles in mind.

    As they are made from aluminium, they already have ESD protection for production areas where ESD (Electrostatic discharge) protection is required.

    The design of square aluminium structures creates a clean, organized and proffesional image of the production area.

    LM square aluminium profiles can have 6, 8 or 10 slots, which are choosed, depending on your application and what the solution is about.

    We want to explain to you what this means: any fastener, joint, connector, corner or other accessories can be connected to the profile’s slots with the help of a knurled nut. The knurled structure connects with the interior of the profile and prevents sliding and loosening. The strength of the entire structure depends on the profile’s external dimensions, but also on how many slots does the profile have.

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